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Dandy Star

If you are looking for interesting, quality tops whether it be luxurious knitwear, sweat shirts or tees  Dandy Star could be just the ticket.  Wearable contemporary works of art Dandy Star work with a cleverly conceived range of soft hues that have a subtle vintage feel to them.


Dandy Star make my favourite tee shirts ever. Founded by two creatively talented friends, who met at the Royal College of Art in London, they produce wearable contemporary works of art. Dandy Star work with a cleverly conceived range of soft colours that are reminiscent of the faded poster paints you would mix at school.

Future classics, Dandy Star tees work every time. At home Olive pulls them out of the wardrobe at any given opportunity; a Peace Tee for a wedding, a Cool Tee for a festival, a Dragonfly Tee for a camping trip, a Smile tee for a party, a Tiger tee to take her kitten to the vet and, if I'm not watching, my Peace tee to sleep in.

Dandy star capture the 60's spirit of love and peace and the 70's spirit of disco mania.

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