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It is an absolute thrill to work with Philip and Marina from our favourite new knitwear label Waddler.   Inspired by the magic of a trip to South America Waddler have a beautiful dream that just gets brighter and brighter.  Everything that Waddler produce is handmade  in Bolivia keeping handicraft skills alive and providing many families with their only source of  income.  With an emphasis on fairness and respect Waddler clothes are produced to fair trade standards and the kintters work in their own homes so that they can manage their own hours around the demands of their families.  The Alpaca wool that Waddler use is a pure natural fibre that comes from the Alpaca a native to South America.  The long fibres of the Baby Alpaca are softer than sheeps and are hypoallergenic meaning they are gentle on children's delicate skin.  Unlike sheep and goats Alpaca have soft toes that don't damage the eco-systems and their grazing doesn't cause soil erosion.

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